Saturday, February 8, 2014

No more "frozen" installations

I guess I have to thank Oliver Brunner for a little, great favour he's doing to me and to Icaros Desktop (but I guess it may be beneficial also for other programs, projects and distro as well). He answered to a request of mine on and made a modified version of unzip called ZUnZip: a zip archives expander which can show a Zune progress bar on the screen. Why was it so important to me? Because I really wanted to get rid of the 'frozen InstallAROS' window during expansion of files in the final part of Icaros installation. Even if users were warned both on the manual and by the script itself with a popup message, I felt this was something that had to change. ZUnZip may not be the 'final' answer, but it's a big step ahead, because it can be used also on other parts of the distribution. For instance, it can be used with ZuneARC instead of unzip: it will show the progress when unzipping your archives, and that's definitely good.

Above: ZUnZip working with ZuneARC to decompress a huge ZIP archive. Isn't it better than having no clues about job's progress?