Saturday, February 8, 2014

5th WIP in the wild!

Icaros Desktop 1.5.2 WIP 5 is now available for download. This version includes all most recent fix from Deadwood, the new ZUnZip program from Oliver Brunner, the latest releases of ZuneARC (already set to use ZUnZip) and ZuneView from Yannick. It fixes many annoying bug like the number 0 appearing in fields when entering texts into them, the multiplied host drawers in Janus-UAE and so on. This version introduces also the modular kernel recently introduced by AROS developers so you'll find a completely revised GRUB configuration (that means: distro must be reinstalled from scratch). GUI Choice now acatually allows switching default file manager and, as suggested by Magorium on AROS-EXEC, to run just the shell at startup. It also allow to disable AmiStart when switching to Magellan, to let drag'n'drop work correctly.

As like as the last time, I have to warn you. This version of the distribution is not based on mainstream AROS nightlies, but instead on a more advanced (in many areas) custom version by Deadwood, who's backporting from ABIv1 everything which won't hurt (so much) binary compatibility with current software. This means, in a nutshell, that this work-in-progress version of Icaros Desktop is formally NOT compatible with the mainstream one, and you should NOT mix its files with the ones on your hard drive, NOR try to update your current setup with this one. Why? Because 1) it won't work and 2) I won't help you fixing the mess, since you've been warned. Please dowload it and install on a spare computer, on a new virtual machine, and test it, test it, test it! This version of Icaros Desktop is a benchmark for me, for Deadwood, for BSzili and for everyone involved in the "next Icaros revolution" program which in a few words means: new AROS, new GUI, new Experience. We need to catch and fix bugs, compatibility issues, and everything which might bring problems to users. Remember, it's just a TEST, not something we consider suitable for your daily Icaros fun.

By downloading this, you AGREE you have read all above, and you'll also expected to help us. How? Simple!
> You can download Icaros Desktop 1.5.2 Experimental WIP here.

If you find a bug, please test it again on your regolar installation and, if you spot differences, don't forget to tell us. Where? Easy.
> You can report bugs and other issues in our little on line bug tracker here.