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IconPoser is a Lua based icon compositing/manipulation program for Icaros Desktop, which creates AROS compatible, double-state icons from two different images in PNG format. Just select an image for the relaxed status and another one for the selected status and click the "Join&Save" button to compose your new .info file!

What it can do

IconPoser can create icons for your tools, your drawers and your projects. It can set stack size for tools, default tool for projects and copy tooltypes to your new icon from a different one. It can replace an existing icon either keeping original tooltypes or not, and it also checks for mistakes, when trying to overwrite a common file with a icon. 


> Download IconPoser in ZIP file format (43 KB)
Current version: 1.0 - released Aug 27th, 2019

Create a icon in three steps

1. click the NORMAL button and select your normal status image:

2. click the
ACTIVE button and choose your selected status image:

3. click Join&Save button and save your new icon, or replace an existing one

Advanced options

  • The Icon Type cycle menu allows to choose the type of icon. 
  • Default Tool option allows to choose the tool that must be used to open a project
  • Stack Size allows to set the amount of memory buffer for a tool
  • Copy ToolTypes FROM allows to transfer tooltypes and default tool from a different icon
  • Keep ToolTypes when overwriting icons decides behavior when replacing existing icons. 
Please also remind that:
  • if you set a default tool for an icon, its type will be automatically set as a PROJECT
  • when replacing icons with the 'keep ToolTypes' option, everything except images will be copied from the icon you're replacing, no matter what other fields say.

What You Need

IconPoser uses Yannick Erb's "RequestPic" graphics requester to speed up searching of the right images and Dirk Stoecker's "ProcessIcon" to manage tooltypes. It also makes use of the gsar string search/comparison utility for internal purposes. Icaros Desktop provides all these components already installed in C:. If you're using a different version of AROS, or maybe another amiganoid system, please be sure to provide all of them, other than (obviously) a working installation of AmiLua and MUI/Zune.

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