MiniMount for The C64 Mini

Ok, I have to admit. When I saw that crazy little thing called "The C64 Mini" I could not resist and I had to get one in my hands. As a former C64 user, I must say Retro Games Ltd did a very good job, bringing a nice pretty console with a damn simple user interface to the market. Unluckily, simpleness and user friendlyness stop when you decide to play something else than the 64 games already bundled with the machine. In order to mount a different .d64 disk image, in fact, you are supposed to copy your file to the root of a USB pendrive and rename it into "THEC64-drive8.d64" every time. Quite a boring thing to do every time by hand, isn't it? Well, luckily enough, I can save some of your precious time, sharing the script I wrote - for AROS and Windows - to automate the process. Just download the version you need and extract all files into the root of the USB pendrive you're using to mount .d64 files on your C64 Mini, then start "minimount" and choose a .d64 file. It will be copied and renamed according to your little console's needs.

NOTE: the AROS version should work also on any other Amiga(ish) operating system, since only AmigaDos commands are used. The Windows version needs a little program (stored in the Data directrory) called OpenFileBox.exe - which is basically a "requestfile" replacement for Windows by Rob van der Woude. It's included in the zip archive.


1. format a USB pendrive as FAT32
2. download MiniMount for your operating system and extract it in the root of the forementioned pendrive. The MiniMount script file must be in the root directory of your pendrive.
3. now create a directory in your pendrive and copy all your .d64, .d71 or .d8* files there.
4. run MiniMount by clicking twice on its icon
5. with the aid of the file requester, locate the image file of the game you wish to play
6. select it and wait for a second or two
7. the disk image file you chose has been copied to the root of the pendrive, with the right naming
8. extract the pendrive from your computer and plug it into your The C64 Mini when it's in carousel mode (the initial menu where you select games from)
9. choose BASIC
10. LOAD"$",8 to get directory listing and LOAD"program name",8,1 to load a program
11. when you're finished and you want to "change disk", unplug the pendrive from The C64 Mini and plug it back into your PC
12. repeat from step 4.


v0.2 - added option to load different formats of Commodore disk image files
v0.1 - initial version