Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another WIP in the sky

Hello! I have updated some components in my build system recently, so I though it was time for another work-in-progress version of Icaros Desktop. This time I have made these changes to the distribution:

1. the DVD starts with Magellan instead of Wanderer. Before starting a holy war about this, please notice it is just a 'try me' temporary decision, born from the necessity of testing what happens when Magellan is started straight from a read-only optical media, instead of running only installed on the hard drive. One of the first results you'll see, is a couple of "AROS Live CD is a read only media" warnings during common operations and during installation onto the hard drive. Click OK and proceed.

2. Janus-UAE has been updated with a beta version 1.4. Also this component must not be considered stable, and while it should fix the "this path is not valid" issue when running 68K applications from the x86 side, it does not cure the duplicated drawers issue on host filesystem error already reported on AROS-EXEC.  But I wish you to test it as well to find any other regression.

3. the default behavior for Amibridge has changed. It now opens full screen with 68K wanderer enabled. Why? Because too many people got stuck with the still existing problem of right menus not working correctly once integration and mouse sync are turned on, so I prefered to choose this temporary solution, until the issue will be solved. Running 68K environment in its own full screen, though, should increase overall speed and emulation experience, since many people told me they prefer running 68K applications this way, instead of using the integration mode. Press lAmiga+Tab to switch from the emulation screen to the host AROS one and vice-versa.

4. vim, lunapaint, zuneview and Duke3D have been brought to their latest version. In the cases of vim and Duke3D, they should also fix compatibility issues introduced by the recent changes in AROS system. Deadwood also fixed the problem with MESA demos leaking memory, so also this issue should be gone now.

5. I've accepted some hints and suggestions from Magorium, you can now choose to not open any default GUI for Icaros at startup, but just the AROS shell. Once you'll enable Wanderer or Magellan again, "GUI Choice" will ask you wether to keep the shell or not. Some new environment variables have made their debuct in the env:Icaros directory to accomplish all this.

Please refer to this version as "wip4". To fix drag'n'drop of icons in Magellan, just close AmiStart.

As like as the last time, I have to warn you. This version of the distribution is not based on mainstream AROS nightlies, but instead on a more advanced (in many areas) custom version by Deadwood, who's backporting from ABIv1 everything which won't hurt (so much) binary compatibility with current software. This means, in a nutshell, that this work-in-progress version of Icaros Desktop is formally NOT compatible with the mainstream one, and you should NOT mix its files with the ones on your hard drive, NOR try to update your current setup with this one. Why? Because 1) it won't work and 2) I won't help you fixing the mess, since you've been warned. Please dowload it and install on a spare computer, on a new virtual machine, and test it, test it, test it! This version of Icaros Desktop is a benchmark for me, for Deadwood, for BSzili and for everyone involved in the "next Icaros revolution" program which in a few words means: new AROS, new GUI, new Experience. We need to catch and fix bugs, compatibility issues, and everything which might bring problems to users. Remember, it's just a TEST, not something we consider suitable for your daily Icaros fun.

By downloading this, you AGREE you have read all above, and you'll also expected to help us. How? Simple!
> You can download Icaros Desktop 1.5.2 Experimental WIP here.

If you find a bug, please test it again on your regolar installation and, if you spot differences, don't forget to tell us. Where? Easy.
> You can report bugs and other issues in our little on line bug tracker here.