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64bit Icaros

A new version of Icaros Desktop, currently known as "Icaros 64", is currently under development, side-by-side to the regular 32-bit one. Icaros Desktop is - like other AmigaOS variants and inspired OS - a 32bit only operating system, which is quite limiting for nowadays standards. It's now time to leverage the Amiga(like) platform to modern standards. Icaros 64 will be based on the great experience we got from the 32bit version, but it will bring real advantages like big size memory handling, better filesystems, updated system software and, hopefully in a near future, also multiprocessing support, to speed up multithreaded operations. But, pay attention! ABIv1 64bit AROS can't run ABIv0 32bit software, so all applications must be properly adapted, corrected, recompiled and bundled. For further information about the need for this little revolution, please read the following post:

> "Let's talk, frankly, about 64 bits"


> First PRE-ALPHA state downloadable release of ICAROS 64

This video shows 64bit Icaros Desktop running hosted on Ubuntu Linux x86-64. At the current stage, 64bit AROS
can run native from a DVD Rom and hosted on Linux, but can't be installed natively onto a hard drive. 


Although some very vocal people on social networks may disagree, AROS for x86-64 processors (from now on, simply "AROS 64") is not suitable yet for users. There are still many bugs and architectural glitches to be fixed, many half-working parts in the system that need love (AHI, for instance: AROS 64 almost can't play sounds at all), many programs that compile but don't work. You can successfully boot 64bit nightlies in a virtual machine, but your headaches will start as soon as you try to run contrib programs on them. From the Icaros point of view, this is a critical issue, enhanced by the fact that most 3rd party applications simply aren't available on the new platform. If you wish to keep track of current developments, at least from the Icaros side, we've set up a WIP-page here:

> Status of 64bit AROS and Icaros software - is this available? Discover here!

AROS 64 is currently developed by the AROS team, in particular by Nick "Kalamatee" Andrews (who's working on several parts of the system, and on ABIv1 itself). We are also following - with great interest - the 64bit AROS Runtime project for Linux by Krzysztof "Deadwood" Smiechowicz, which may bring very useful tools in the future.


Icaros Desktop is a distribution: it collects, pre-configures and bundles software, some times making it work together to enable new features and functions. You right click and select an option but, under the hood, a script is calling 4 or 5 different CLI programs to give you the expected result. All these programs, with their dependencies and libraries, must be ported or at least compiled for the x86-64 architecture. This work is suitable to skilled developers only, while we can build the apps only when they are straight-to-compile or very near to. Please read the following post to understand:

> "How I compiled deark for 64bit AROS" - How can I compile my program to 64bit AROS? here's how.

> "HostBridge works on Icaros 64" - We're working on hosted 64bit version first, here's why.


If you wish to contribute to the AROS project, by joining AROS development team, or just create/compile your software for Icaros 64, we have already provided a complete development virtual machine based on Ubuntu Linux 64, with AROS sources and needed packages already installed and configured. You will need VMware Player 15+ or a compatible virtualisation platform to run it.

> Icaros' Linux-based Development Environment for 64bit AROS

If you would like to create your own AROS 64 build system and environment, please follow this guide:

> "Setting up a 64bit Linux development env for AROS"

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