Monday, March 23, 2009

Icaros and cloud computing

One of the best advantages of OWB, is that it allows people to use very useful web applications over the net, like Google Apps, Mail and Maps, but also some interesting services like Zamzar, Preezo, and, which don't require a Java virtual machine to run. Since they can help using AROS for common tasks, like instant messaging, word processing, presentations editing and so on, I thought that a way to connect straight to them would be handy. So I created some launch scripts for OWB and placed them in extras:Networking/apps/Web Apps, linking this directory also to AmiStart main menu. You can see part of the result clicking on the top left thumbnail. Well, among them I have added also AROS-EXEC. That's not a "web application", but I don't think you may find a better place for AROS help...