Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some news about 1.1

Icaros Desktop 1.1 is not ready yet. Ok, this is not a big news, since if it was released, you'd surely have noticed that. There are many motivations for this delay. The first one, is that I like to do my best: I want to be sure that everything works fine on the widest range of computers, and that using applications won't bring users to 'dead ends'. This requires a big effort trying again and again every single program. Then, there are many changes to AROS that worth including in next version. Nick Andrews is updating Wanderer, making it easier to use, and filling some gaps. He has also included a nice status bar in windows, and now he's trying to fix behavior of volume icons on the destktop. But this is not the only improvement got by AROS in the meanwhile: many new apps have been ported to it, so I am trying - in my spare time - to follow both sides of the AROS world, system and applications. The results, for now, are fine: WiP version if Icaros Desktop 1.1 has a better look and many new features. It can browse the web with OWB and open HTML files on the hard drive with their icon, and now AmiBridge can open more instances of Janus-UAE for 68K applications. I've added also direct support for Amiga Forever 2008. PDF files are no more shown by PoorPDF, replaced by the proper application ArosPDF. Some problems like soft-reboots hanging seem to be gone, and stability has increased. Today I've rewritten many parts of the manual to reflect new features and to remove warnings and workarounds for many now-gone issues. Icaros Desktop 1.1 will be released "when it's done", but I hope you'll enjoy the results, then.