Monday, September 7, 2020

Catching up in a hurry

Today Icaros Desktop 2.3 has made some real progress. I have now included in the distribution most of the software that has been published for AROS for the last 4 months. I can't hide that my favourite ones, at least for this summer, are RNOPublisher and SilkRAW. The former is the first attempt to a DTP application for AROS, and it's an incredibly sleek tool for compositing PDF documents. You can add images, text boxes and simple page elements, then save the project as a (proprietary) .rnd file, or export it to a PDF document. Domenico Lattanzi's SilkRAW is a frontend for dcraw, a post-processor utility for digital camera images. I sincerely missed two programs like them on Icaros Desktop, and I cannot thank their authors enough for the time they spent on them, and for having let me include them in the distribution. I have also made a new Icaros build but I cannot share it with you at this stage, since it randomly and repeatedly opens an annoying "Insert MUI disk" requester. Luckily, finding the cause was easy: TextEditor 15.54 might have some MUI: path hard-coded somewhere, so I immediately sent a bug report to its developers. While waiting for a fix, I reverted to the quite recent 15.53 beta version included with the last public WIP of Icaros Desktop (the Easter 2020 one).

Edit: Thore Böckelmann just confirmed that a MUI: assign is now needed for recent version of TextEditor, NList and BetterString.mcc. I'll let coders discuss about this, but for the meanwhile I am adding a new assign to Icaros Desktop...