Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A little status update

Hello my friends. First of all, I wish to apologize for this late update and reassure all of you about the Icaros project: it's still going on, although there hasn't been a lot of action. I am currently testing some new programs for AROS (above all, the incredible RNOPublisher, first attempt to DTP on our platform) and my 'real life' job kept me busy a lot. More than me, it kept busy my old ADSL line at home - due to Covid-19 counter-measures, I've been working at home since March - so I had very little chances to upload new Icaros builds to the site. The good news, however, is that the phone company which is in charge of the lines infrastructure finally upgraded my house to a brand new FTTC line. This means that I do not have to wait for 10 hours to upload a 4GB file anymore, but in half-an-hour the task is managed. It's still slower than a 'real' fibre line, but quick-enough to manage Icaros jobs. I've started today, uploading again to our main site the AROS x64 development environment, which was formerly available on our mirror site, and turned into a broken link in the latest months. In fact, our mirror site on Lezard-Visuel.com is dead. I tried contacting someone who could be in charge for that, but got no answer at all. I've already cleaned off the Download page from broken links, but I might have forgotten something around other pages. Sorry.