Monday, August 26, 2019

Inconposer now working as intended

As you may have read some days ago, I started working on Iconposer, a tool which would let me join two different PNG images into an AROS compatible dual-state icon, and I finally reached the point I was aiming to, from the beginning. It can now handle the following cases:
  • adding a new icon to an executable, a project or a drawer, with proper stack size or default tool
  • replacing an existing icon with a different image, but keeping the original options and tooltypes
  • creating or replacing a icon for a tool or a project, but copying tooltypes form a different icon
and, best of all, it works on both 32bit and 64bit flavours of Icaros Desktop, which is by the way the first motivation I wrote Iconposer at all! 

64bit hosted Icaros running Iconposer, on my new 64bit Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine
Iconposer needs some other components to work: PictureReq from Yannick Erb (who has been so kind to help me compiling for 64bit AROS - thank you so much!) and Processicon (which I could compile some weeks ago as you may already know). It might also need gsar in the future (no problem for 64bit as well), but not for now. If you wonder if I am going to release it for everybody, the answer is that I am still evaulating this. There are many needed components and Iconposer, at the moment, is a very "personal tool" I'm using to speed up my works on Icaros Desktop, and it still has many shortcomings (like, for instance, the inability to handle paths with spaces). So it's probable I will add it to the distribution when at least the latter issue will be resolved.