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Aug 27, 2019

IconPoser 1.0 first release!

IconPoser has been released and it's now available for download. A new page for the project has been added to Icaros Desktop website, which includes program information and download link.

This tool was originally intended as an internal tool for Icaros development. However, after I talked here about its existence, it generated some welcome interest. This motivated me to make it better and... available to everyone! Obviously, you need to use Icaros Desktop to make the most of it: it's a LUA based script aided by a shell one which use several utilities provided with the distribution. This does not mean an AROS nightly build can't use it: it means  you will need to provide other components as well (whose binaries might not be available, for instance, on ARM or M68K AROS).

Just for your curiosity, here's what I had to fix before releasing the tool:

1. picture requester does not remember last used path by itself, so I had to instruct IconPoser to save it somewhere. This made the "Images Path:" button on top quite useless, but well, you might still want to change starting directory after all (picturereq might fall in a very crowded directory and slow down);

2. paths and file names with spaces didn't work. I had to add gsar to the list of used components to work around this, but this is nothing a Icaros user should care at all: it is already provided with the distribution;

3. IconPoser could overwrite a generic file with a icon, when saving it. Let's be clear: this tool won't bug you with any pointless "are you sure?" questions when overwriting icons, but now will stop operation if you forget to add the .info extension, and you try to overwrite your favourite program, video, song or whatever with its icon.

Please also beware of damn internal PNG formats, they can be quite annoying. Yesterday, while I was creating new icons from a old collection of images in PNG format, I lost 3 hours behind some images that didn't generate a dual state icon at all. It showed like this, making me really, really, really sad:

I was sure I had made some mistake within IconPoser but, after trying to join the original pictures with the 'join' command on several AROS flavours, I could be sure they didn't work on any of them, no matter the procedure I used. This made me decide to batch-convert all images with RNOEffects, loading and simply saving them as PNG to a different folder. This absolutely fixed the non-issue.

I also noticed that my former posts about IconPoser generated a topic on Follow it and please use it also to make questions and suggestions for this program.

> Link to the discussion on AROS-EXEC.

Little note about licensing: With the program, I also provided a .guide which explains how to use it. It also says some unpleasant things about the fact that you can use and edit it as you like, but you can't redistribute it on sites (for instance: the Archives and Aminet) or on your own AROS distribution without asking me for permission. That's simply because IconPoser is still at its infancy and it will be furtherly developed, I want to keep control of the process and decide whether to accept other people's enhancements or not. When it will be stable/developed enough, this will probably change to a full open source license.

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