Thursday, October 18, 2018

This is for classic Amiga lovers

Main goal of Icaros Desktop, you know, is "providing the best and most modern Amiga environment on the PC platform" and this clearly begins with the GUI. I have made the best I could to provide a good Workbench replacemente using Magellan, however after so many years many people still find it distracting to use and (someone even said) "unnatural". I will spare you from my thoughts about the need for evolution, the good news here is that I finally listened to all the retro freaks faithful Amiga lovers and I added a new feature to Icaros they will surely fall in love with.

Right after installation, at first startup from the hard drive, Icaros Deskop will ask you what GUI to use: either the classic Amiga 3.1 one or the default, modern and far better Icaros Desktop one. The former option will disable decoration, place right click menus back to the top bar, use Wanderer as file manager and open a new window for every drawer you'll open. The other option... well, will keep things as they are now.