Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Support us on!

Icaros Desktop is now on Patreon! This means that if you really really like this distribution, and you would really really help us some way, but you haven't a clue about how to do that, you may at least help Icaros donating some money. You know that Icaros Desktop is, will be, and has always been free, but mantaining it is getting more and more difficult and time consuming. I am using my spare time (and this means "the time I am not spending at work") to do that, but I have to pay mortgage, bills and expenses which are raising every month, and the only way I know to get more money is... by working more (that is, sadly, why I almost stopped partecipating to bounties as well). But working more means less spare time, and less spare time means slower development for Icaros Desktop, and all related projects. Sad but true, I need to find a balance between working and development time, so helping me with my expenses will let me take more time for Icaros Desktop. The only community I know who may help is YOU. I've been considering to use some crowfunding platform for a while, but I didn't really like their classic "make a promise, get the money, disappoint people" routine. I'd prefer something which would allow you to just help generic Icaros development, and then let me manage my time and my efforts to get some real results. is exactly the kind of crowfunding platform I was looking for. It's the best way to make monthly payments and, the more the income, the faster/better I will be able to work on the distribution. I could also set some goals. Nothing prevents me to start working on the same subjects before reaching the sums I declared, but reaching those sums would be a great "I have to deliver" motivator to me.

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