Thursday, March 23, 2017

New ZunePaint in action

ZunePaint is a fresh new image editing and 2D painting application from Yannick Erb. Due to its flexibility and size, we've decided to place it into both Icaros Desktop Live! and Light editions. Release after release, Yannick added many functions to his program, from gradient filling to text tool. The most recent one is the chance to copy a piece of an image, resize it on the fly with the mouse wheel or with a slider, and paste it wherever you like. I've made a little video starting Icaros Desktop hosted on a Linux virtual machine, showing some example operations on ZunePaint. Speed is considerable, but please remember it was running on a hosted environment, which was again running into a virtual machine (a para-emulated computer). Running it natively on real hardware would make it even faster. The video also shows MPlayer in action, still running on the same hosted+virtual environment, for reference. Not too bad, isn't it?