Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Icaros Desktop 2.1.3 now available

Three months after v2.1.2 release, we've built a little update which fixes some of the issues found with applications and introduces some new ones as well. Almost no system file has been updated, but with this release you'll find a brand new version of Mapparium (which now allows to compute routes), a new, more secure build of OWB with upgraded openssl to 1.0.1t, the latest version of SimpleMail and PortablE (which was unluckily left-out by mistake in version 2.1.2). But this is not just a "refresh" update, it also includes some new applications like the FinalBurnAlpha emulator, meteMP3 player and, why not, the ColorCLI scripts, which will help customizing your system a little more.

Icaros Desktop 2.1.3 is available in two formats: the usual Live! distribution, and the update pack for LiveUpdater. There's no Icaros Light release for 2.1.3. Users of the Light distribution should download the update pack and let LiveUpdater install it.

New version of OWB handles better encryption

New from Icaros Desktop 2.1.2

- Updated PortablE to latest release
- Updated Mapparium to v0.6
 + route computation, images now available. And many other fixes
- Updated OWB to August 28th 2016 build
 + openssl upgraded to 1.0.1t fixing some security issues
- Updated SimpleMail to latest release
- Added FinalBurnAlpha to emulators
- Added ColorCLI scripts
- Added meteMP3 player to MultiMedia programs

No clues to your next destination? Mapparium 0.6 provides all the information you need.