Monday, April 4, 2016

New LiveUpdater available for download

It's time to add LiveUpdater a very old requested feature which, for a reason or another, I always forwarded to better days: update on reboot. What happens, currently, when you perform a system update with LUPD? Basically, every file gets updated no matter if it is in use or not. Just think about big programs like OWB, Magellan, or Janus-UAE: they might be updated when you're using them, and even if AROS is clever enough to handle this situation (don't ask me exactly how: it simply worked), it's not a safe way to do things. So, I finally decided to poke into LiveUpdater and change its script a little bit. With the new version, the LiveUpdater script has been changed to let Icaros run the (real) tool again at startup. The new version is also able to run a preparation script, before actually replacing files, if an update pack comes with it. So, situations like "if you wish to correctly update this program you need to rename this, delete that, move that directory before updating" should now be gone forever. In order to update your LiveUpdater, all you need is:

1. be a Icaros Desktop 2.1 user (but it may work on Icaros 2.0.3 as well: try this at your risk, it's not officially supported)

2. download new LiveUpdater here and save files somewhere

3. run your current LiveUpdater and choose the "File" option

4. locate

5. ...and wait for LiveUpdater updating itself.

Why is it called "LiveUpdater 211"? Because it may be needed to upload Icaros Desktop 2.1 to the incoming version 2.1.1 (which will bring final OWB 1.25 and correctly-exiting VICE 2.4).