Thursday, March 3, 2016

More about GoogleDrive handler integration

As you may know, adding to your AROS experience all the latest achievements our beloved operating system has got is, simply, not enough to Icaros Desktop. We would always like to do even more. Please let me introduce another example of it. From our latest posts you may have learnt that Norbert Kett is writing an amazing filesystem handler for Google Drive, and that a beta version is already available for AROS. Well, since adding it to Icaros wouldn't fullfit your needs, we also wrote a LUA application to configure it properly. Configuring gdrive handler, in fact, is easy but "not for everyone": you'd have to add a pair of lines to your user-startup files, go on line, look for the right URL and paste it into OWB to get your GoogleDrive UID, enter your username and password, and then copy a string from the web page and paste it onto a configuration file in DEVS:Google drawer. We simply decided this was too much. Our configuration script (just enlarge the top-left screenshot to see the current state) allows to activate/deactivate the handler and check for the right UID: everything is just a matter of a a few mouse clicks. How it works? Just play this video. 


The script will be placed in the usual Prefs drawer. In the final release it will allow enabling/disabling the handler any time along the current session (by pressing USE), or running/disabling it at startup (SAVE).