Monday, February 1, 2016

Browsing Google: Drive

There's a quite unexpected news today. Norbert Kett just sent me a screenshot of his filesystem handler for Google Drive working on Icaros Desktop. His "driver", which is already available for Amiga M68K on Aminet, currently compiles and works fine on AROS x86 but, before releasing it, Norbert prefers to test it a little more. Hopefully, he will release it just in time to be included into next Icaros as well. The free version of the handler allows read only access to your cloud drive, while writing onto it will require a registration fee (that will be due to Norbert, not to Icaros!) of just 10 dollars. Well done!

AROS shell and DOpus 5 Magellan showing contents, and available space, on a Google Drive account.