Friday, November 28, 2014

Running the Amiga as a service

My work to improve AmiBridge before Icaros update 2.0.1 continues. I've found many little and bigger quirks in almost every place (in S:icaros-sequence.m68k for both AROS68K and AmigaOS 3.X, in AmiBridge's launch scripts, even Prefs/Icaros Settings wasn't saving some environment variables correctly) but, luckily, this revision effort is proceeding very well. On this post's top left corner there is a screenshot of the new AmiBridge panel of Icaros Settings (click to enlarge). As you can see, I've decided to add a new option; to promote the last five as 'advanced' ones and, last but not least, to replace that obscure "Amiga M68K VM" caption with a more user-friendly "At startup run", which better describes what this option is meant to do. The new "...transparently" switch allows either to run AmiBridge using current user settings and presets (when off), or to run it as much hidden as possible, like if it was a system service, in coherency/integration mode. This way, you can still manually run either AROS M68K or AmigaOS 3.X (from Amiga Forever) using your favourite settings (for instance, full-screen or in windowed mode, at a lower resolution), but also having Icaros launching one of them for you in background. When running a 68K OS in background, Icaros Desktop won't show any message or UAE icon on the screen, nor it will open UAE-Control or a 68K shell: the emulation environment will be always ready to run your classic programs: just launch them from Wanderer, from AmiStart or Magellan (right click -> WB Run) as usual, and their windows will pop up on the screen.

AWeb and AmigaAMP running under AmigaOS 3.X, and Ignition for 68K running under AROS M68K, all integrated into the same AROS host screen. Let me say that 'only Icaros Desktop makes it possible'...