Tuesday, December 9, 2014

LiveUpdater 1.8a "re-release"

Unluckily, version 1.8 of LiveUpdater released yesterday has an unpleasant bug(*). The new 1.8a version is now available for download. People who will download and install Icaros Desktop 2.0.1 from scratch will find it already installed into the distribution, but people willing to update their current installation of Icaros 2.0 to the incoming update 2.0.1 should download and install this little program (20KB), which will improve update operations quality and efficiency. In particular, this new version brings these enhancement over the former 1.7 version, coming with Icaros 2.0:

- more polished output, using ZUnZip for update pack decompression
- existing kernel is now zipped and archived into sys:Arch/old-kernel directory
- all files in S get copied, user-startup is backupped into S:user-startup.LUPD-backup
- added updating of L drawer. It wasn't updated before
- LiveUpdater shouldn't show pointless error messages anymore, about files it could not find
- Fixed some other bugs here and there
- Fixed handling of S:user-startup that wasn't working in version 1.8

> Download LiveUpdater v1.8a (20 KB)

Just extract LUPD18a.ZIP file to any directory on your filesystem (RAM: might be a good place) and start the LUPD18a-Install script, either with the 'execute' command, or double-clicking on its icon. It will overvwrite older LiveUpdater version with the new one.

(*) What would happen if I'd update Icaros with LiveUpdater 1.8 and not 1.8a?
Nothing really bad. You should, however, manually delete S:User-Startup after installation, or many system programs like GUI, AmiStart, AmiBridge that Icaros runs at startup, would be launched twice (S:Icaros-Sequence would be executed both from S:startup-sequence and S:user-startup, since in Icaros 2.0.1 we've moved the 'execute S:icaros-sequence' command from the latter to the former). LiveUpdater 1.8 does not correctly handle updating S/ files, while 1.8a does.