Friday, April 12, 2013

AROS-2-PENDRIVE virtual machine

One of the most common questions about Icaros Desktop is: "I do not own a internal or external USB DVD-ROM drive, how can I create a installation pendrive?" and, frankly, it's not a trivial question to answer to. Other operating systems allow using programs like unetbootin to create a "installation pendrive" from ISO files, but this is not an option for Icaros Desktop, since AROS kernel does not allow booting from this kind of pendrives. So, the best thing we can do to work around the issue is using a virtual machine. A very simple one which even hasn't a hard drive, but just the bare devices needed for installing Icaros onto a pendrive: a virtual DVD device and a USB controller, already configured to use USB 1.1 speed only - since 2.0 under VMware is kind of broken in AROS, at the moment. Here we go:

> Download aros-2-pendrive virtual machine (343 KB)

The archive is really small, but can be very useful. This virtual machine is compatible with most contemporary VMware desktop products like Workstation and Player (which is free and available both on Windows and Linux, but you'll need to dig a little in VMware website to find it), but may be easily adapted to work on other virtualization platforms as well (like VirtualBox), even if they aren't supported directly. Just install VMware, open this little virtual machine and follow instructions (they are provided in the archive, in PDF format, though you'll still need the Icaros Desktop manual as well).