Monday, April 22, 2013

AROS Shell Manual updated again!

A good news for every AROS user: a new edition of the AROS Shell Manual is now available for download @The Archives. It was very long ago when Joao Ralha firstly collected commands documentation from Mathias Rustler (and other sources) into a full featured, cosy manual in PDF format, and the AROS Shell Manual has been a very good friend to shell scripts coders since then. With time, however, contents of the manual got old and incomplete, leaving whole sets of new commands completely alone with themselves. So, I decided to take a little pause from Icaros development - after all, current Icaros 1.5.1 system files are enough up-to-date, and there are not so many new programs available - and started a complete review of the manual. Version 0.81 now includes all commands from sys:C and extras/aminet/C drawers with a complete explanation. It also includes AROSTCP and Poseidon shell utilities. Like in the past, the manual provides the original documentation - when freely reproducible - or rewritten from scratch (when the command behaves like elsewhere, but in-line help is covered by more limiting licenses). Works on the manual are still in progress, so in future expect new revisions (not so soon, anyway: time is scarce). Please notice the manual is good for every AROS user, not only Icaros ones. Download and enjoy!
Note: you'll need a PDF doc reader to access the contents. ArosPDF is good, but on other platforms you'll be able to click on the index and jump directly to the needed link.