Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to the new Icaros Desktop website

Icaros Desktop is happy and proud to unveil the new layout of its website. More than three years ago we polished our first layout and made it look more professional. However, weeks run and everything gets old soon, websites included. We hope that the new colors and look, with the dynamic front page, will please your tastes. We still have some adapting work to do here and there (for instance, download and donation pages are still bound to old layout - but they will change soon!), but the job is already almost complete. The event is good also to announce the incoming release of Icaros Desktop 1.5. We have already anticipated many things of the new version, like new AmiBridge and new installation procedure, but there are many more suriprises coming with the next release. We are working really hard to make it the best Icaros release ever, and we'll need some more weeks to complete it. In the meanwhile, enjoy our new website look!