Monday, October 29, 2012

Some good 68K news

Many days have lasted since our last talks about Icaros Desktop 1.5. During these days, AmiWest attendees could try a early preview of it (we gave Jason McMullan some DVDs to distribute at the show) but many, many things have already changed under the hood. One of them (and I'm really happy to anticipate it), is that we finally made integration of AROS 68K a much more reliable "compatibility layer" with the past. Classic applications can now run in a far better seamless integration mode than before, and we've still kept integration of AmigaOS 3.X (in the shape distributed with Cloanto's Amiga Forever) possible. However, while this way ensures the best compatibility (there is still some work to do on the AROS side...) with old programs, it still require some configuration steps from the user. AROS 68K, on the contrary, will come already configured and with some very nice new features. I won't list 'em all here, but this table, taken from new version of Icaros manual, should already give a little figure. See you for the next, incredible release of Icaros Desktop!