Monday, October 1, 2012

Today's fix-it

Things are proceeding quite well for Icaros Desktop 1.5. Today I realized that packing development and extras file would have had an annoying drawback: applications which needed packed components would have not run in Live mode, unless those specific components had been exploded first. Since the "specific components" were Lua and additional Zune classes in Extras, I could be sure programs like AAEDT, Services, ZuneARC, Scout and many others would have produced error messages immediately after running them. The solution, however, was right behind the corner, and was there even before AROS existed: it was that wonderful Amiga thing called Ram Disk. So I took S:dvd-startup, a script I placed in S: since the beginning of Icaros Desktop - in order to run DVD live mode specific things, but I practically never used it - and added some lines to unpack Lua and Zune first, and then add the necessary assigns. You will need a little more free RAM to run Icaros Desktop straight from DVD, but today's PCs have plenty of RAM, so it should not harm anyone.