Monday, September 17, 2012

Packages? Sort of...

The path revolution in Icaros Desktop continues. After my call for volounteers on, our new friend Jman answered with a nice little application that does exactly what I wanted, to let the users decide what Extras components are eligible for installation on their precious hard drive, and what not. What you see in the corner is a grab of the first preliminary version of the program: initial text is still dummy and there are some little things to fix as well, but the manager is already working and this is a great news. Icaros approach to packages will be, however, fairly different from the ones Linux users already know. We won't have to keep track of dozens of applications, but a fairly short list of "macro-packages" which will include all the applications for the same category. Every .zip file will be, in a nutshell, a sub-directory of the Extras drawer. For the time being, users will be able to decide wether "media players", "games" or "emulators" (and any other package in the list) are eligible for installation, and if the users chooses 'yes', all the programs included in that macro-package will be installed.