Friday, July 27, 2012

Unleash the power of Icaros 1.4.5 with its first patch!

Patch 01 for Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 has been released. This little update does the following:

- adds support to NTFS partitions (read only, may be slow with crowded drawers)
- fixes audio hi-fi modes for ESS1375/SB128 cards (and VMware)
- updates cmi8738 audio driver too
- fixes Amiga 1200 configuration file for AmiBridge (setting AGA instead of ECS)
- fixes configuration selection for new ADFs in AmiBridge (A1200 and A500+ now correctly handled)
- updates kernel and library files to July 26th, 2012 nightly build
- updates GMA driver (now handles screens of different resolutions on selected chipsets)
- adds hdaudio driver modified by Joni Valtanen to support IDT 92HD75B codec (Compaq Mini 700)

I personally wish to thank Nick Andrews for having fixed AROS ABIv0 NTFS.handler, finally allowing us to access our Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2003/2008 partitions (no more ENV: drive requests at boot). Access will be read-only and maybe slow with crowded directories but, at least, a shorter road to import files into our AROS installations has been built. There are also good news for VMware (and, why not, real SoundBlaster 128 cards) users: Neil Cafferkey has fixed sb128 and cmi8738 AHI drivers, enabling hi-fi modes. Users of next releases of Icaros Desktop won't have to switch to normal modes anymore, but current users will be happy to do that as well with this patch. Remember to open Prefs/AHI to switch to hi-fi modes after installing this patch. VMware users that never cared about audio, indeed, will be happy to start hearing real sound and no scary effects anymore. People enjoying old Amiga games and demos will be happy to hear that AmiBridge system selection has been fixed: a stupid bug prevented chooseing Amiga 1200 and 500+ configurations for ADF files, but this patch fixes it. I've also touched A1200 configuration file to actually use AGA chipset instead of the wrong ECS one. Another great addition is a newer version of Sami's Intel GMA driver, which now handles dragging of different resolution screens. There's also a new file in Storage: it's a version of the HDaudio driver modified and compiled by Joni Valtanen, enabling audio on Compaq Mini 700 and other computers using the same IDT 92HD75B codec. I've not the chance to test it, so I don't know how it works. If you have a similar notebook or audio chip and wish to try it, just move it from Storage/AHI to Devs/AHI and reboot. Please make a backup copy of your current hdaudio file first.

Installing the patch

Just download the patch from our downloads section, save it wherever you wish and run Tools/LUPD/LiveUpdater. Choose the File option and locate your Icaros-patch14501.7z file. Confirm installation and, when finished, reboot system.

Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 with patch 01 browsing root and Windows directories on a Windows 2003 NTFS partition