Friday, August 17, 2012

Backup config scripts updated!

Holidays are over and we're back. Thanks to very handy informations I got in a discussion on, I could finally complete my loadconfig and saveconfig scripts. They will be handy to backup and restore your AROS system environment. Not necessarily Icaros only, it will work also on other distributions and even on nightly builds. The only requirement is having the AROS zip command somewhere (preferably in extras:C, but it should not be important). The main changes from first release are the addition of the PROMPT switch to saveconfig, and some safety checkings in loadconfig.

> Download scripts (a few Kbytes)
> Download example VMware configuration file



execute saveconfig [ALL] [PROMPT]

Saveconfig will save your current hardware configuration. Only relevant files, such as ahi.prefs and network settings will be saved. Other software and user related settings, such as screen mode, input, locale and others won't be saved. This may be handful to create "hardware templates" that might be shared to other people with the same computer model.


If you wish to save the whole environment, just add ALL at the end of the command. This will save also Wanderer, Zune, Input, Locale and everything placed in Envarc:.


If you need some particular files or directory other than the default ones (for instance, you wish to save a particular or a screenmode preference file), but not all the files included in Envarc:, just add PROMPT after the .zip name. You will be prompted for files to add until you click on the Stop button. You can browse the whole envarc: contents but you can't add file outside of this directory. If you try to do that, you will be warned and prompted to try again. To add a whole drawer, just enter the drawer and click on the Add button. For instance, to add the whole SYS subdirectory, just enter the SYS directory and click Add without selecting any file inside of it.

You can't use both ALL and PROMPT switches together.


execute loadconfig

Loadconfig will apply the settings to your environment. A reboot is needed in order to activate new settings. Please notice loadconfig will overwrite your current settings, so maybe it would be wise to save your current ones with saveconfig before. Loadconfig can be used for both partial (HW-only) and complete settings. Loadconfig will check if a couple of default setting files are included in the archive you're trying to apply. If this simple test will fail, the script will stop. This should be enough to protect you from accidentally use a spare zip file without any setting information.

The VMWARE Example

You can download and try a config example for VMware virtual machines. It will enable DHCP networking on net0: and sb128 hi-fi audio modes, without the need to do that yourself. Just install the current AROS build or Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 with patch 01 on a spare VMware virtual machine, place the necessary files somewhere and enter in a shell

execute loadconfig

for your convienience, you'd cd to the current scripts directory before.