Friday, March 9, 2012

The comet is here: Icaros 1.4 has been released!

We are really excited to announce the immediate availability of the new "point release" of Icaros Desktop, the most known distribution of the AROS Research Operating System. This release represents a little milestone for us, because it has been the result of months of work in many areas. We have now a full working Wanderer (Icaros 1.4 includes all the patches that were released for version 1.3.3), a generally more stable and suitable system, better artistry (new wallpaper has been drawn by Deviantart's artist Delta Nine), but most important of all we have now two programs which are absolutely astounding: Krzysztof Smiechowicz's port of OWB for MorphOS (with all the Zune class that were needed, and still improving), the full version of FryingPan and Davy Wentzler's Audio Evolution 4, the most professional music studio program available for the Amiga platform, now running full and free on Icaros Desktop. And that's only the beginning: another great news is that AROS can now finally print. Jason McMullan has implemented printer.device, printer preferences and everything is needed for printing. For now, only PostScript printers are supported and a few programs are ready to use them, but it's just a beginning (and you can print to file...). Icaros also provides some other ways of printing with a2ps and copytopar commands, not forgetting the good old GhostScript we had since version 1. Coders and programming amateurs will also find the latest PortablE and fpc (a free Pascal implementation), while a general rationalization of directory structure has been done to avoid eccessive nesting in Extras. We will discover in the next days all the features and little gems included in this release. But, for now, just download Icaros Desktop v1.4 and enjoy!

Two screeenshots from Odyssey Web Browser 1.16, running HTML5 games and applications

What's New from Icaros 1.3

- AROS system files from March 2, 2012
- Improved Wanderer experience: all "papercuts" bugfixes now included
- added initial support to printing
- support to printing-to-file
- support for parallel, serial and USB PostScript printers
- added a2ps, copytopar and print commands
- added Odyssey Web Browser 1.16 (ported from MorphOS)
- improved ZUNE GUI toolkit and default theme
- new directory organization in Extras with less drawer nesting
- updated LoView to version 2.37
- updated FPC and PortablE to latest version
- added complete support for Iconification
- updated ScummVM to version 1.3.0
- updated DosBox to latest AROS version
- updated AmiFig to latest version
- added support to Amiga games and demos on ADF files using AROS ROM
- added Mark Sheeky's Games for Amiga m68k
- added freeware full edition of Audio Evolution 4 (music studio app)
- added open source full edition of FryingPan (media burning app)
- desktop wallpaper by Deviantart artist Delta Nine
- direct access to MyWorkspace drawer from other computers on the network
- simplier boot menu, with just three startup options
- updated VIM to version 7.3
- added SDL-Quake executable with launch script
- moved games that need 3D acceleration on a proper drawer
- updated libraries for coders
- added Insolit Dust graphic effects and tutorials, with sources
- improved default configuration for DirectoryOpus
- added SCANdal with support for epson2 and gt68xx scan devices
- added Flipbook (slide viewer)
- added AbkViewer (AMOS sprite viewer/manager)
- updated FlexCat to latest version
- added Net-Bubble and Dragon Memory (games)
- added AviBuild, Convierteme and PXDrum to media editors
- added mp3player to media players


For now, only the full Icaros Desktop Live! package is available for download. The smaller "Light" version will be ready later.

New OWB running Google Maps (on the left) and Audio Evolution 4 (on the right)

Simple Mail (on the left) and Overlander (on the right), a public domain game running in Janus-UAE