Friday, March 16, 2012

3000 times "thank you!"

I wish to say "thank you" to everyone who downloaded Icaros Desktop 1.4 during its first week of life. According to our site's statistics, "IcarosLive_1_4_0.7z.exe" file has got 1,263 hits and 1,450 visits, and moved exactly 2,772,464 MB of data across the network. This basically means that more than 2,700 people downloaded Icaros Desktop and, we hope, most of them also tried the distribution. This is - in the little Amiga world - a great success. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, from applications to AROS coders, from AROS enthusiasts who spread the news, to siste mantainers who published it. Unluckily (for technical reasons we have to talk our provider about) I won't ever know how many people downloaded the Light version, but I guess that summing them to the ones who took the Live! one, we've easily surpassed 3,000 units.

PS: for Kitty image and credits, look here.