Monday, January 16, 2012

Icaros 1.3.3 patch 03 available for download

1.3.3 will be probably remembered as the most patched release in Icaros Desktop life. The newest patch 03 is available for download, and it fixes some glitches introduced with the latest AROS features. More precisely, this patch include the following:

- fix for commodities like FKey: they don't appear iconified on the desktop anymore
- fix for italian translation: it will now be re-enabled in Wanderer
- added iconify button to Zune windows title bar (must be enabled by user)
- fix for ICE, Icaros Classic and Icaros Blue themes to support iconify button

Please notice Iconification feature is still on the works, so there are these known issues.

- Wookie Chat, PSI prefs and other programs crash on de-iconification
- InstallAROS (and maybe others) crash on iconification
- SimpleMail crashes if double-clicked on it's custom AppIcon
- no fixes to problems reported with icon.library
- iconify gadget has no image in other Icaros decorations, so default "3.1" rectangle will be used

Since this issues fixes a "ugly workaround" introduced with patch 02 (when Wanderer's italian locale has been temporarily disabled to let it copy files without issues), patch 03 replaces it completely, including all patch 02 fixes and adding its own. . This means that people who upgraded to Icaros 1.3.3 patch 02 must install this to bring Icaros to the latest version, while people who hasn't still patched their installation with Patch 02 should install patch 03 immediately after patch 01: don't look for patch 02 anymore!