Monday, January 9, 2012

Icaros 1.3.3 patch 02 heavily improves Wanderer, download it now!

The second patch for Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 completes the journey started with the former patch #01, adding the remaining bug fixes included in the first round of the AROS Paper-Cuts initiative. For those who don't know what we're talking about, a little reminder: in the last months of 2011 (and the first days of 2012...) some AROS developers decided to put on hold their AROS projects to do something all users were asking for months: fixing many silly/annoying/long-standing bugs which plagued Wanderer and some other components of the system, making it pointlessly difficult or just ugly to use. There were dozens: from icons that lacked transparency and shifted of many pixels while dragging them, to many CLI commands that gave unexpected results, from snapshotting options that didn't work to weirldy-sized windows that made impossible for netbook users to change advanced options. Well, most of these bad habits of Wanderer have gone forever. And Icaros Desktop is really happy to include last fixes into a new patch for Icaros 1.3.3 users.

What's new since patch 01

- all Paper-Cuts initiative bug fixes now included
- added transparency to icons while dragging them
- added support for AmigaOS 4 format icons
- added the iconify function
- comments now work as expected
- view mode for drawers can now be snapshotted
- fixed dragging of icons in detail view mode
- icons don't overlap anymore in plain mode
- icons don't "jump on the left" anymore when dragged
- dragging icons on left-out icons don't crash the system anymore
- fixed background of icons moved elsewhere on the desktop
- some little fixes for LiveUpdater
- added AROS M68K Kickstart replacement to AmiBridge
- AmiBridge has been modified to support AROS Kickstart


In order to make everyone happy, we decided to anticipate a new feature that will be available in the next releases of Icaros Desktop: direct support for Amiga 68K games and demos on ADF files. From now on, you won't need the original Amiga KickStart ROMs anymore to play old games and demos. AmiBridge's "ADD ADF-DISK" script has been modified to use also AROS M68K KickStart replacement. Compatibility with all the games released so far is not complete, but most of them will run without major issues (drive activity like loading may be slower, though). Usual "Amiga 500", "500+" and "1200" options with original KickStart will be available only after integrating Amiga Forever with the AmiBridge-Setup script.


Installing patches is easy. Just download them anywhere and run SYS:Tools/LUPD/LiveUpdater, choose the File option and locate your patch file. Follow instructions on the screen and you're done.

Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 with patch 02: Icons can now be moved transparently on the screen while dragging them. This behavior must be enabled in Wanderer's advanced options for desktop and drawers.