Monday, December 13, 2010

Icaros Desktop on Appunti Digitali

Icaros Desktop has been tested and introduced on Appunti Digitali, one of the best and most known italian sites about information technology. Cesare Di Mauro, who is a former Amiga user and already made many articles about our beloved platform, writes: "I must say I am enough satisfied (by Icaros), as I could find the same AmigaOS spirit I lost - quite sadly - 14 years ago, once I understood Commodore and its wonderful machines were bust. Just to be clear: look and feel are the same, and I don't believe I need to add much more, for anyone that already lived those years and those experiences". The italian version of the whole article (and the following, interesting discussion) is here, while a robo-translation - provided by google - here.