Thursday, December 9, 2010

Icaros Desktop 1.2.5 patch 01

Here is a little patch for Icaros Desktop 1.2.5 users. It fixes a bug preventing people to install the Live! version to a USB pendrive and then install it again from the same pendrive to a hard drive. People that tried to do this experienced a warning message at the next reboots, due to the fact that the S:buffer-add script still expected to boot from the DU0: partition. This had been corrected in the Light version before release, since it is the one people should use for this purpose, however I received some complaints that made me change my mind. People that want to install Icaros Desktop Live! from a pendrive should do the following: 1. install the Live! Icaros from DVD to pendrive 2. boot using pendrive 3. install this patch 4. install Icaros Destkop Live! from the pendrive to hard drive

Since it's not good to force people to download patches just to fix things, I decided also to add a new feature and a bonus to existing installations: the new dt2thumb command from Yannick Erb, which allows making custom icons for picture files that represent real contents of images (look at the screenshot) and a new Zune theme derived from the one Cammy made available to Aros-Exec users some days ago. A bug which made icons disappear when resizing windows has been corrected. Please look into our Download Center, Updates section to download your patch. Or just click here!


Here's how to install the patch: please extract the archive wherever you like (even in RAM:) with ZuneARC, and move there with Wanderer. Inside the drawer "patch12501" you will find two files with icons, patchinfo.txt and Patch125-01: the first one includes a list of the changes applied by the patch, the other is the installer. Just double click on Patch125-01 to install everything in the right places.

Note: if you're downloading the patch with OWB, you'll find the archive in MyWorkspace/Downloads drawer. To see it, remember to choose View -> All files in the Window menu of Wanderer.