Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Icaros Desktop 1.2.5 has been released

The highly anticipated release 1.2.5 of Icaros Desktop is now available for download. It took much time, but there are many new features, many fixes and many enhancements that will drive you crazy. First of all, games and applications had been polished, in order to cut off the ones which made older version of Icaros crash (and also the current one). Some of them had been updated and others have been simply replaced by something better. Then, old Amiga lovers with a GeForce card will be happy they can now drag screens on Icaros too. Current version has some limitations when dragging screens of different resolutions, but Deadwood (who ported the Nouveau drivers ad added this feature to them) is looking if/how much it worths fixing them. Users of notebooks and netbooks with Atheros-5000 based wireless network adapters can now connect to the network without cables, and we tried to make the distribution as comfortable to new users as possibile, with a slight speedup in disc operations thanks to a trick suggested by Yannick Erb. Users that complained for the excessive boot time of yesterdays Icaros Desktop DVDs and CDs will notice a great improvement, thanks to the new compact profile of AmiStart (the older one was just what made booting so boring on older versions), and people with a single monitor and a single mouse will be able to control their workbench remotely, or to do the exact opposite running their Windows, Linux or MacOS X desktop in an AROS window (look into the network apps section of Icaros 1.2.5). All installation issues that plagued Icaros Desktop 1.2.4 had been fixed and now you can nicely install your AROS distribution onto any supported hard drive and USB pendrive. In the end, the new MyWorkspace drawer will help people to keep their projects (documents, music, video and downloads) ordered in a single place. And don't forget to listen to Josh Woodward's excellent music and watch his video! You'll find them in Icaros Desktop Live! only, though, 'cos in the Light CD there wasn't enough space. What can I add more? Oh, yes... Live! version provides also a demo version of the wonderful AMC media center program from Fabio Falcucci and Pascal Papara. Don't miss it! You can already grab your favourite version of Icaros Desktop 1.2.5 in the usual Download Center (mirrors to come...).

New from Icaros Desktop 1.2.4

- Added support for wireless networks (still work in progress)
- Added SuperTuxKart to 3D-accelerated games (live! version only)
- Updated AmiFIG, ProTrekkr and others to the latest version
- Services pref now checks for Live-CD mode to avoid running from read-only media
- Updated system files to Nov. 06th 2010
- Enabled screen dragging with Nouveau drivers (GeForce 5 to GT200 cards only)
- Added "MyWorkspace" directory and assign for user documents
- Added VNC server to remote control Icaros' workbench
- Added AmstradCPC computers and Genesis/Megadrive emulators
- added QuickCD-Rip and QuickRecord to multimedia software
- Added compact profile to AmiStart
- Added some new and traditional pointers
- Fixed and enhanced DirectoryOpus behavior (thanks, Niko)
- Added addbuffers into startup sequence to quicken disk operations

Fixed in Icaros Desktop 1.2.4

- Eliminated some programs that made AROS crash
- Default network configuration for gateway set to DHCP
- placed TTengine.library in libs:
- Changed default wallpaper in order to fullfit the screen at higher resolutions
- removed some very old, now deprecated drivers
- removed obsolete Nvidia driver options in initial GRUB menu (replaced by Nouveau)
- removed the now obsolete, first AROS USB stack (replaced by Poseidon)
- removed old Gallium-preview demos (now obsolete)
- version 1.2.5 should be noticeably more stable than 1.2.4
- fixed tons of little annoying bugs everywhere!


Users of Icaros Desktop 1.2.4 can update their current installation to version 1.2.5 using the LUPD (Live Updater) tool. Please do NOT use the Internet option unless you are really forced to do so, but unpack the ISO somewhere and burn it to a CD-R, or use the ISO option (you need at least 1 GB of free space on the system partition and 512 MB of RAM).

PS: Thanks Triops we now have a wonderful Spanish version of this site. Good luck!