Friday, November 12, 2010

Features that weren't

Vintage gamers who have grown with a Commodore 64 or Amiga already know the meaning of "games that weren't": a poetic expression describing software, in particular videogames, which for a reson or another didn't make it to the shelves, and rested unreleased and forgotten in a dusty drawer for years. We can also say, more pragmatically, that what we are now calling "vapourware" some day will be "something that wasn't".

There are many reasons something already announced ends up to the dustbin: one of them is quick obsolescence. Some days ago I talked about that wonderful WiFiWiz script I had made for Icaros Desktop 1.2.5: it would allow easy configuration of wireless network under AROS, for lucky people browsing the web with an Atheros-powered device. But this time our friend Neil Cafferkey has been much faster than me, and he modified AROS network preference program to support WiFi too, making WiFiWiz absolutely useless. So I have removed it, and you won't hopefully see it any time. My scripts, in fact, are just temporary solutions to problems that should be solved with better, dedicated applications (as happened with ArosPDF and Zunearc joyfully replacing PoorPDF and PoorArc). I would also talk about some (big) news about Icaros 1.2.5, but I think I will keep my mouth (my fingers?) quiet for now. Just enjoy this w.i.p. screenshot, and try figuring out some by yourselves (click on the top left thumbnail to enlarge it)... ;-)