Friday, November 19, 2010

1.2.5 feature of the day: MyWorkspace

After some weeks of hard work and at least four alpha-stage releases, I've just sent our beta testing team the address to download the first internal beta of Icaros Desktop Live 1.2.5, which will add new interesting features and corrections to the current distribution. So, it's time to unveil some of them.

Today, we'll talk about the new MyWorkspace drawer, that will be automatically placed on the desktop. MyWorkspace is a comfortable place where people may decide to place documents, images, music, videos and download files. Something other operating systems already had for years, and that in our humble opinion Amiga-like systems just lacked of. The good news about our implementation, is that this directory will be available even running Icaros straight from the DVD, in live mode. In this case, MyWorkspace will be temporarily created in the RAM drive and a document inside of it will remark to the user he/she should copy the contents on a writable media, to keep them safely saved somewhere. When installing Icaros, MyWorkspace will be created in the same drive the user will choose for Extras and Development files. Some ASSIGNes will be created as well, in order to make this drawer, and all the default sub-drawer, easy to reach from any installed application.