Sunday, February 14, 2010

5000 fps

While I am still getting accustomed to my new life as IT specialist and system administrator, I'm doing my best to stay in sync with AROS which, luckily, is doing huge steps every day. It is not time yet for a new Icaros update, though, because the two big features being worked on are still... being worked on. In the meanwhile, however, I could give a peek to Gallium hardware acceleration and mouse pointer support. What's happening is amazing. Not only I could finally change my pointer and have the classic 'zzz' comic back during disk operations, but I tried Deadwood's AGP test to see if I could help Krzysztof some way, since he's implementing proper AGP transfer support to AROS (which is currently part of Gallium 3D port, but will be hopefully moved to a more general graphic subsystem in the near future). I ran his AGP-Test program (version #19) on my AMD690 motherboard with a PCI Express GeForce 7800 card, and I just got... 5000 frames per second! Krzysztof told me that, according to him, PCI Express already runs "out of the box" with AROS and Gallium, and considering he's getting 850 fps only with an AGP GeForce 6200 card, I guess everything is just working fine. However, both these two technologies are quite new, and I'd prefer to wait a little more before adding them to Icaros.