Friday, January 22, 2010

Pointing to the next Icaros

Hello to everyone. I've not written anything here for a month now, even if many interesting things happened in the meanwhile. So this "ping" post is just like saying "hey, you've not missed me, I'm still alive". Reasons for this long delay are simple. First of all, holiday: I just stopped everything else to spend some time with my family. Then, a new job: I've been principally a IT journalist for 20 years, and I wrote hundreds of articles for computer magazines since I was very young, but the publishing industry, nowadays, has to face one of the worst crisis ever, due to the worldwide economic situation (which makes people spend less for accessory goods, and magazines are among them), and to the fact that the Internet provides quite the same kind of services faster and for free. So, in order to eat, I had to take a very difficult decision: turn my old job in a spare-time second one, and choose a new career. Luckily, my skills with hardware and software aren't gone, and now I'm proudly learning how to be a good system administrator for companies using Windows, Linux and VMware servers. I need some time to get accustomed to my new life-style. Once I was a freelancer that could manage his time as he wished. But now I have fixed time frames to work and I have still to understand exactly how to move for my other projects, including Icaros Desktop (which is always here, and I won't quit, since it is one of my little jems I'm proud of). So please forgive me if I won't exactly here for some time, but I have a life to re-organize at all.

It is not the only motivation why Icaros 1.2.1 will be late: I'm also waiting for some AROS tasks to be completed by developers. Deadwood has done a wonderful job with his Gallium 3D alpha release, and Pavel Fedin has finally turned AROS pointer in a customizable one. The issue, however, is that there isn't yet a way to customize it, and the new default pointer is just... well... too basic. So I'll wait at least that both these projects reach a good status of completion to produce a new update for Icaros desktop. In the meanwhile, please follow AROS-EXEC and download the wonderful ports that Fishy and Yannick are doing for AROS.