Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Icaros Desktop 1.2 ready for download

It's been a long time since our latest "point release" (v1.1), and now I am proud to announce the immediate availability of the new one. Version 1.2 introduces lots of new programs, features and graphic enhancements, leveraging Icaros Desktop to a new level of realiability and user experience and so on (please insert any attractive marketing stuff you like here, I'm just too tired to do so). Seriously, there's really much to discover in this new release. Retro-gamers will surely love AmiBridge's brand new ADF support, which allows playing old Amiga games and demos straight from their ADF files. Just double click on them, answer to a pair of simple questions, and you'll be ready to play again your favourite classics! But AmiBridge has introduced also some enhancements for workbench applications: from now on, AROS and AmigaOS pointers will be syncronized under Janus-UAE (thanks to Oliver!), and brave people can even discover its latest steps toward full integration (beware: it might be still unstable). GeForce card users may like to test their hardware with GLExcess and some other MESA (OpenGL) demos running with Gallium 3D, an accelerated graphic framework currently being ported to AROS. Again: it's w.i.p.-state code only, it will work under some precise conditions and only with GeForce 3, 4, FX, 6 and 7 cards, not with models that are just too old or too recent. Compatibility will be extended in a (hopefully near) future to other cards, but not for now: take it as a demo only, and in the Live! version only (there was no space for it on Light, sorry). Thanks to ZuneARC, AROS (and Icaros) finally got a proper way to handle archive files: so you'll be able to manage zip, tar, bz2, lha, rar and other archives with a single, powerful GUI. And, obviously, Icaros Desktop includes also new games and applications. There's even a demo of the first commercial game for AROS, BOH. Moreover, if you have a netbook and a external DVD-ROM unit, there are good news for you: you'll be able to install Icaros Desktop on your little laptop, making it a fairly good Amiga-like computer. You won't get wi-fi and sound for now, but there are really good chances that everything else will be supported. Last but not least, Damir has created some really nice decoration themes for Icaros, and your distribution now includes also a new collection of desktop wallpapers. Enjoy!

New from Icaros 1.1.5

- new official Icaros Desktop themes and theme manager
- Updated SDL, MESA and many other libraries
- Grub2 hack to use netbook resolutions on Intel GMA900 GPUs
- Poseidon now available as kernel module
- Improved 68K apps integration in AmiBridge
. no double pointer anymore using workbench applications
. added more uaegfx resolutions in full integration mode
. Added Amiga games/demos ADF support with sound
- added ZuneARC to manage zip, lha, rar, tgz and other archives
- updated PortablE
- updated development chain with newer include files
- updated wookiechat to latest beta
- added support for audio CDs (PlayCDDA)
- added desktop wallpapers from artist Wilhelm Steiner
- added desktop wallpapers from abraXXious
- added many new games and emulators
- updated DosBox to latest revision
- added BOH demo from Simone Bevilacqua
- updated NoWinED to latest version
- added first Gallium3D demos for GeForce cards
- updated OWB to release 0.9.9
- added SDLBasic 1.0.2
- system files updated to December 2nd, 2009