Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fine tuning amiga emulation

One of the most welcomed features of Icaros Desktop 1.2 is the ability to launch Amiga games and demos straight from their ADF files. I noticed that on Amiga forums this has got even more popular than 3D Acceleration, so I'd like to do something to every retro-gamer out there. Unluckily, when the Amiga was a very popular gaming platform, I didn't really like it for the gaming side, but I preferred playing with workbench applications, which I found always more interesting than their MS/DOS counterparts. However, I recognize that for many people the Amiga has been just "something more" than a powerful console, and for most Amigans its games were the best available at the time. Anyway, I don't think about myself as an Amiga hardcore gamer, even if I worked and still work for the most known videogame magazine in Italy. So my default settings for Icaros' Amiga emulation might not be the best ones, and I'd need the help of someone really fond in Amiga emulation who could help me tweaking them the best way, to gain more compatibility and speed with Amiga games and demos. I have explained how in a post to I'd really love if interested people would be so kind to help me about this. Thank you and regards...

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