Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

I don't like comparisons between operating systems' boot times. There's something completely odd about them: an operating system should be valued for its stability, its reliability, its user-friendliness, compatibility and price, not for its boot times, which practically don't matter when you use a computer. That's why, when I saw this video, I really couldn't stop myself.

This video is from, it compares four 64-bit operating system on a not-better-specified "same configuration" booting to the desktop and automatically load their frontpage in a browser. That's great. They also have a sure winner, since Ubuntu 9.10 took only 40 seconds to accomplish this task. And this is great too - no jokes - since my Fedora installation would take much more and Linux in general is not considered a champion about boot times. But, well, I guess if someone would do better, and...

Icaros is the second best operating system all over the world! It takes 16 seconds less than Ubuntu 9.10 to boot to the desktop and load the tuxradar page (considering also network times). Unluckily, we are still behind the Commodore 64, which boots to its... ehm... operating system in less than 3 seconds.

PS: and yes, this is intended as a funny post, not a real comparison.