Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New OWB is coming, here's the italian catalog

After a little pause, Stanislaw Szymczyk has come back and updated his port of the Origin Web Browser (OWB), adding some nice missing features like the upper menu and a quite amount of speed in page rendering. Some bugs, which prevented OWB to correctly hande some sites, have also been fixed. Before the official 0.9.9 release, he has published three RC versions. You can get the latest one here, which includes these modifications:

- Added support for multiple browser windows
- Added support for popup windows
- Added main application menu
- Moved bookmarks menu to main application menu
- Added StartOWB tool displaying splash window while OWB is starting (logo created by mihcaels, thanks man!)
- Replaced text search window with search panel
- Fixed bug #69: Can't login on www.vcast.it. It say that cookies are not active on the browser
- Fixed bug #81: After sending a private message on AROS-Exec, the links on the new pages are not working
- Fixed bug #85: Long bookmarks are cut
- Fixed bug #88: Reloading AROS-Exec causes it to look weird
- Fixed bug #91: Problem with cookies from www.ppa.pl
- Updated OWB source code to revision 1097

- fixed the cookie jar problem
- fixed one serious bug causing random crashes during exit...
- ...and few minor ones (window title not changing when switching to an empty tab, empty tab title displayed non-translated sometimes)
- updated Polish locales.


- middle mouse button now opens links in new tab
-failed fontconfig assertion message shouldn't appear on exit anymore (let me know if it does)
-fixed a bug causing browser hangs after clicking on select tag widget when select option list is displayed
-included recent catalogs updates

Unluckily for italian people, locale file for italian language was not available in the 1st and 2nd RC (I don't know what happens for the third, sorry). I have updated it and given a straight compile. It isn't perfect due to some issues with accented letters, but at least it is usable. I have much improved my original translation, modifying some voices and adding all the missing ones. If you need it, you can download the catalog from the following link:

> Download the italian catalog for OWB 0.9.9 RC2

Just save it in extras:Networking/Apps/OWB/Catalogs/Italiano, replacing the original italiano.catalog with this one, and you'll be able to use OWB 0.9.9 RC1 and RC2 in Italian.