Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best of both worlds? ;-)

After so long talking about new Icaros updates, new features, new USB stak, new everything, let me talk about something really old. Since from Icaros Desktop 1.1.2 we've got also DosBox (which is not fully working, however, due to some issues with international keyboards makeing it crash hard pressing special characters keys), I just asked myself if it was usable for something better than gaming. Since I read at Aros-Exec that fishy_fis (the coder that ported DosBox to AROS) ran Windows 3.1 on it, I decided to try it too. I took my old Win 3.1 diskettes and, luckily, I could read them and copy all installation files to a single directory called "W31". Then I moved it into Extras:Emu/DosBox/diskC, I launched DosBox and gave these commands:

C:\> cd W31
C:\W31> setup

et voilĂ ...