Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Automatic updates for Icaros Desktop!

Well, I'm really happy to announce that, thanks to the fundamental help of Yannick, Icaros Desktop will have live updates too. Yes: you launch the system, it goes to the Internet and then download new packages when available, and installs them. Our autoupdates will work somehow differently from what you're accustomed to on Linux (packages) and Windows (windows update): in practice, our LiveUpdater will automate the procedure that you followed in the past with update disks, without the need of burning a CD.

Here is how it will work:
1. searches the Icaros site for a update
2. downloads the latest ISO
3. mounts it as a virtual device
4. copies files
5. reboots

stop, that's all. The only issue, for now, is that I'd need many people trying the LiveUpdate feature before it goes gold. My goal is to make Icaros 1.1.2 available as automatic download too. So here is a LiveUpdater alpha version for brave people:


what you have to do:

a. download wherever you like, for instance RAM:T
b. open a shell
c. enter these commands
tar xvfz RAM:T/liveupdatealpha01.tgz
cd icaros-liveupdate-alpha
execute installer
d. wait some seconds and reboot

You'll get also some needed system files, like newest kernel and drivers. So maybe before point (d) make a backup of your DRIVERS: files. Then, just look in the Tools drawer, you'll find the LUPD one. Enter LUPD and start LiveUpdater. At the beginning, it will be very similar to old Updater (frankly, I forgot to update the body of the first requester, just ignore it), but then it will ask you for...

and you'll be able to start downloading new updates, or even mount them as virtual CDs. For now, the experiment will be made through a dummy update which does nothing but adding a 'cookie.txt' file in extras: if you can see it by choosing show > all files, you're done.

I also encourage the bravest of you of trying it with this ISO file:

> Download a fancy new AROS custom build (80 MB)

you should already know how to extract it. Please, try and report here!