Sunday, June 7, 2009

Screenmodes, VESA and FullHD resolution

I really would like to thank Neil Cafferkey for his recent work on AROS VESA driver, because his changes finally allow people with unsupported graphic cards (unluckily too much people) to use better resolutions than the old 4:3 ones up to 1280x1024. Now the VESA driver behaves differently: recent AROS nightlies have a less verbose boot menu, which allows to choose between the "best resolution detected" at a certain palette depth, or the best palette at a chosen resolution. Success depends on your graphic card and your BIOS. To see the new driver in action, just click on the top left thumbnail and look at this screenshot at its original size: you will notice my current work-in-progress Icaros Desktop installation on VMware, at 1920x1200 pixel, 24 bit color. Nice, isn't it?

Well, to get it, I had to follow some easy steps.
1) boot Icaros and update system files to a fresh build
2) choose any old VESA boot menu line
3) change VESA=1024x768x32 (or whatever) to VESA=1920x1200
4) press Ctrl+X
5) edit boot/grub/grub.fcg to have this always available
Icaros users should wait for 1.1.2, which hopefully will have this feature already included. If you can't find a matching resolution for your nightly build, please read this thread on Arosworld, it gave me the right hint!