Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update to the Icaros 1.1.1 user guide

It's time for a new update to the Icaros Desktop user/reviewer manual. It provides fresh informations about AmiBridge changes and the new TCPprefs utility used to configure the network. There are also some minor fixes here and there, and a whole change in font dimensions: since AROS has now its good PDF reader, and we don't need PoorPDF's anymore, there is no reason to keep the old 12 dots dimensions for text. Now it has been reduced to 10, allowing people who love to print documents to use less paper (and save more trees, and so on...). People using Icaros Desktop may download it using OWB and place it in extras:Manuals.

> Download updated Icaros Desktop's user guide (3,5 MB, PDF file format)