Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Icaros 1.1.1 bug of the day: make doesn't work

Well, it seems Icaros Desktop 1.1.1 is not the wonderful development platform for AROS I dreamt about. Issues with g++ were spotted before and now it seems also the good old make has got general problems compiling sources. Aros-exec's users Mazze and Mausle have discovered the... source (ah! ah!) of the problem and it seems related to a mis-interpreted error code in SFS, probably introduced with latest changes to our main filesystem. Here's what Mausle has to say: «The problem is that SFS returns an ERROR_OBJECT_WRONG_TYPE instead of ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND at some place. Though, depending on the context one of both error codes is the correct one», and «Yep, newer builds have a problem with make, it's related with vfork changes resp. use of putenv together with empty env variables». Since description doesn't leave much hopes that replacing the newer 'make' executable with an elder one would be enough to fix the issue, I have to warn all developers (and them only) out there of either 1) please to keep your Icaros Desktop 1.1 installation and don't upgrade it, or 2) wait for version 1.1.2, or at least a quick bugfix, which I hope to provide as soon as possible, with the help of AROS developers. Coders who'll choose the first option can add cairo and pixman by themselves, which probably are, along with ICU, the only additions to development chain from version 1.1.