Monday, December 15, 2008

VmwAROS version 1.0 released!

Version 1.0 of your AROS distribution has finally been released. It's not perfect, it's not rock-stable, but it includes all the most urgent features any hobbyst, usable operating system should have (we'll cover them in the next days). This release targets to a wide range of people: former Amiga users who would bring back their experiences on modern hardware, people interested in alternative desktop solutions, developers in search of new adventures and anyone who feels that nowadays operating system are too resource-hungry or invasive. VmwAROS provides the best AROS experience, adding to AROS compactness and speed a complete set of tools and applications, ranging from the best programs available for this platfrom to some new VmwAROS additions like PoorPDF and PoorARC, which make access to documents and archives much easier. Moreover, old Amiga users that couldn't find on AROS an alternative for their favourite AmigaOS 3.x applications, can now run them straight from AROS thanks to our AmiBridge technology.

New since VmwAROS 0.9.1 sneak preview:

- New, customized system files
- Shutdown Wanderer funcion on supported hardware
- Widescreen graphic modes on selected cards
- Added Ken Lester's iconset
- Added sound in Quake
- Complete development chain with GCC 4.2.2, Python, ecc
- VmwAROS can now compile AROS
- Added new games
- Updated many programs
- Added 68K application support with AmiBridge
- Added automatic extractor for multiple archive files (PoorARC)
- Added PDF document support (PoorPDF)
- Added first-run configuration script
- Installing VmwAROS won't leave volumes without icons anymore
- Fixed typing issue with SimpleMail
- Added many desktop wallpapers from M. De Angelis (JohnSmith)
- Updated VmwUpdate and SwitchMuiMaster
- Added GhostScript
- Fixed many file associations
- Corrected paths and ASSIGNs
- Added VmwAROS services manager in Prefs
- Improved PDF user/reviewer guide
- ...and many, many more!

PS: we've changed also our logo. Thanks to Ken Lester, who has re-drawn it!